This Week in the Prison Industrial Complex (July 7)

prison-bar-fistA weekly roundup of news and action alerts about political prisoners, prison struggles, and organizing against the prison industrial complex (PIC), both nationally and internationally. If you’ve got something you’d like to see included, leave a comment or send me an email.

  • From June 25 – July 1, Israeli occupation forces arrested 17 Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank, including seven children and two women.
  • On July 1, more than 60 of the currently 401 Palestinian administrative detainees held without charge by Israel announced their intention to “boycott the Israeli Occupation’s military courts in protest of the administrative detention policy and the false trials they are subjected to.”
  • Al-Jazeera conducted a lengthy interview with Gerardo Hernández, former political prisoner and one of the Cuban Five who was released in December 2014 after more than 16 years in prison.
  • U.S. political prisoner Robert Seth Hayes is suffering from “undiagnosed and untreated chronic bleeding and abdominal growths.” Supporters are being asked to call and fax New York State prison officials this week requesting Seth gets the medical attention he needs.

  • Former prisoners and prisoners’ rights advocates have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new publication, Turn It Up!, a one-time magazine/resource guide for people in prison offering the latest on the prevention and treatment of serious medical issues, especially HIV, hepatitis and other stigmatized conditions and on how to get decent health care in prison.
  • Palestinians political prisoner Daoud Issa Hamdan announced on Sunday he has gone on hunger strike to protest his administrative detention by Israel without charge or trial.
  • An AlterNet article takes a look at the “large-scale exploitation in American prisons benefiting American corporations and the military-industrial complex” through the use of prison labor.
  • For three days in the past week, uprisings have taken place at the privately run Arizona State Prison-Kingman. More than 1,000 prisoners have been moved to other facilities as a result of damage to the prison.

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