Alchemical Speculative Placemaking



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  • Calcinatio image: Edinger, pp. 31.
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  • Audio track: Amir Sulaiman. “Secret Art.” The Medinan Openings, True + Living, 2012.

Prima Materia

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  • Top image: Maier, Michael. “Emblema II. Nutrix Ejus Terra Est.” In Atalanta Fugiens. Oppenheim, Germany: Johann-Theodor de Bry, 1618.
  • Upanishads quote: Edinger, pp. 99.
  • “Halfway midst…” line borrowed in altered form from Jack Kornfield.
  • brown quote: Selected passages from brown, pp. 18-19.
  • Tree of Life: Jung, pp. 125.


  • Top image: “Sublimatio.” Sapientia Veterum. 18th century, from Edinger, pp. 135.
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  • Fugue performance: Burt Griswold. “Fugue no. 3.” Atalanta Fugiens, 2014. YouTube,





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