Alchemical Speculative Placemaking

Coagulatio ♉︎

[Qualities of coagulatio: element of earth 🜃, turning into earth, heaviness, permanence, act of creation, churning, spirit attached to ego]

Earth nurses the philosopher child. Atalanta Fugiens.

“Like the butter hidden in milk, Pure Consciousness resides in every being.
It is to be constantly churned, with the mind serving as the churning rod.”
Amritabindu Upanishad

coming home to earth
the spirit and consciousness
bind to the body

churn in creation
ego cleansed through quicksilver
psychic reunion

we need land to grow
in the soil of our being
plant the healing seeds

given of ourselves
shall return to us refined

incarnate divine
distinction and difference
grace of future paths

bound across three planes
halfway midst heaven and earth
self spirit entwine

beloved being
embracing your highest form
you’re always welcome

here is home is here

We are in an imagination battle.
We have to imagine beyond fears.
What are the ideas that will liberate all of us?
What we pay attention to grows.
We are all healers.
We are creating possibilities.
Because we are seeing a future full of wholeness.

adrienne maree brown
“The Tree of Life” by Carl Jung

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