Call Out: Month for the Earth and Against Capital, June 5 – July 5

mes-tierra-contra-capitalOriginally published on It’s Going Down.
Via Contra-Info
May 29, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell

“The struggle occurs in a given territory, with very specific characteristics, with very specific enemies and their particularities, to know all these elements is our responsibility.”

Documents for an insurrectionary topology.

It is time to deepen the struggle against the state, against capital, and against the forms they use to continue to perfect their means of dominion over us. Different materials for spreading information and reflection have been developed in recent times. Blogs, magazines, newspapers and countless other materials have been produced by compañeros with different contours but with the same intention: to contribute to the social war from an anti-authoritarian and offensive perspective.

In the same vein, four years ago the “Month for the Earth and Against Capital” began with the idea of promoting various struggles that were taking place locally, regionally and globally against the infrastructure of capital. Getting ahead of the advance of the state and capital involves thinking about what its path is and why, and also involves acting to simultaneously hold up both matters for reflection. The type of knowledge needed by those truly trying to transform reality arises from the struggles themselves and not from information conceived of by and for the imposed order. The domination we suffer is not organized or created in chaos but responds according to a certain logic. That does not mean that the processes and results of domination are entirely transparent but it does mean that it is possible to better prepare and confront their plans.

To strengthen the different struggles, to learn from different experiences and to contribute reflections become, then, a necessity and a real possibility for these times. Today our territories are passing through transformational models with cruel outcomes for freedom and survival. To go on the offensive ceases to be just a dream when transformative choice begins to direct our desires. That was and is the Month for the Earth, another contribution, a specific one, on the path of social revolution. The dynamic has been that of knowing the enemy: its strengths, its weaknesses, how it functions, how it functions in us, etc…

As well, the reflections, writings and other actions of the Month for the Earth have sought to make visible the importance of certain types of struggle, struggles within the same mold that attack the development and supports of capital. The majority of the dead in this social unrest, in the different struggles today against capital, belong to the struggles in defense of territory, struggles against the advance of extractive infrastructure and its world. In these kinds of struggles our stance has always been clear on one point: to revive, to strengthen and to learn from certain forms of existing relationships (such as the many values of community and solidarity) is useful, but our responsibility should be to do away with the very roots of the system of domination and all that supports it. Capitalism continues its restructuring, continues reproducing the values that sustain it, but it encounters resistance. Our responsibility is for that resistance to become the momentum which allows for a move to the offensive, to go forward, that will let us be protagonists of real transformations to new forms of living as the enemies and adversaries of domination and power.

The very development of capitalism, its restructuring, shows us how the powers in the world are leading us to new states of dominion where war is a constant that without interruption threatens large parts of the population. While some live an internal, “soft”, low-intensity war between militarization and impossible norms, others suffer old-fashioned bombings and lootings, though both worlds have more in common than we usually allow. The edges of each are ever more uncertain, people sprayed with pesticides, displaced by disasters cynically called “natural”, the policing of life, the urbanization of poverty, and the dependence on energy and technology mix with militarized neighborhoods, those displaced by fighting or bombing.

Depending on the place we were born, capital reserved a use for us, but we have other options. We can accept the dividing up of the world, their new chains called “crisis” and their predetermined fates, or we can accept that the will knows nothing of fate. The Month for the Earth and Against Capital is not so important. It doesn’t have meaning as a “singular effort,” it belongs to the thousands of synergistic efforts, its work has already been done, reproduced and perhaps surpassed. If it ends, its efforts have already served their purpose. However, again and again a new need arises and we must redouble our strength, must redouble the reflection, information and above all, must redouble the action based around the world we radically want to transform.

Therefore, between June 5 and July 5, the “Month for the Earth and Against Capital” returns, the call is for the development of all kinds of activities, for all kinds of actions. To send posters about events or any other type of information, contact and they will be published on

Month for the Earth and Against Capital, 2016

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