Statement from the Oaxaca Libertarian Bloc

"We go towards life"

“We go towards life”

From Proyecto Ambulante
June 24, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell


In the context of the most recent acts of repression and violence that have arisen in the country, as different anarchist collectives and individuals we have decided to show solidarity by going into the streets and carrying out various actions in the different parts of the country that are suffering the brunt of the state, and resisted with the people.

Especially during these recent acts of repression against the popular struggle, we have begun to insert ourselves in the communication outlets belonging to the people in order to speak out and protest against our criminalization by the state and various sectors of the social movement who are adopting accusatory policies and attitudes. We have been branded as infiltrators, provocateurs, thugs and other epithets regarding our form of struggle, without taking into account that historical and recent memory has shown that as a libertarian movement we have participated in solidarity with all struggles, without asking for anything in return beyond a true social revolution without states, borders, religions, or repressive forces, always carrying with us the practice of the libertarian ideal.

That’s why we do not accept any form of negotiation with the state that murders eleven compañeros in Nochixtlán and Viguera and we express our disgust with the negotiations that the teachers are engaged in with the federal government, as the lives of the fallen are not at the disposal of any negotiation.

We also express our complete solidarity with the popular struggle that is currently growing and we stand in solidarity with the family members of the fallen compañeros, both now and in the past.

We distances ourselves from the acts of provocation by the state and the accusations made by it and various factions of the popular movement.


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