Tobi, Anarchist Compañero from the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, Passes Away

Originally posted on It’s Going Down.

A translated statement from Noticias de Abajo and the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (Social Reconstruction Library – an anarchist library and social space in Mexico City), on the passing of longtime anarchist organizer Tobi.

“…when I die, my friends may write on my grave: Here lies a dreamer, and my enemies: Here lies a madman. But there will be no one who dares engrave these words: Here lies a coward and traitor to his ideas.” – Ricardo Flores Magón

On January 10, 2021, we learned of the passing of anarchist compañero Tobi, one of those responsible for continuing the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir after the loss of Ricardo Mestre. Tobi was a social activist from the punk and anarchist movements who participated actively in the spreading and promotion of anarchist ideals.

We are sharing a message circulated by the Library regarding this moment of mourning for the worldwide anarchist movement, as well as video clips from “Workshopping Anarchy,” a project held at the Alicia Cultural Multiforum with the participation of the Library and other allies, in order to remember the feeling-thinking (sentipensar) of our dear friend Tobi.

As we all know, today, our compañero Tobi unfortunately passed away.

His death leaves a huge void for those of us who were able to share with him life, history, struggle, friendship, fraternity, care, punk, and anarchist ideas.

Tobi was a full, happy, smiling human who always held up the human aspect of anarchism and tried with every step to put it into action on a daily basis. His story and his importance are enormous and words are not enough here. At this moment, sadness envelops us beyond being able to enumerate all that he was and all that he shared with us through his life.

Those who knew him know this.

Above all, Tobi was a human being who loved punk; a committed adherent of anarchy. To anarchy, and in particular this project of the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, he dedicated his life, his joy, and his energy.

For those of us who knew him and shared the path with him, there remains with us the experience of having crossed paths with a human being who was always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needed it; a skilled, smiling, happy brother who always tried to shed his ego and give of himself to others.

His absence hurts deeply, but we are left with who he was, his life remains in our memories, his friendship, care, and brotherhood remain with us, his childlike look, his smile, his tenderness, his unyielding skill. We are left with what we learned from him and with him.

We are left with the teaching that anarchism is practiced on a daily basis, through constant and militant solidarity and fraternity. We are left with his conviction that anarchism is our path.

May the earth embrace you.

May anarchy envelop you.

May memory keep you alive.

You earned the respect and love of those who shared the path with you.

You earned the universe, brother.

Freedom and Non-violence

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